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  • Are there any times of the day when the SIM card cannot be set up?


    We are sorry, but you will not be able to set up between 10:00 PM on Tuesdays and 10:00 AM on Wednesdays, as the communication company blocks new communication.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please plan to avoid setting up during the above period.

    I can't connect to the internet even though the message displayed says activation was successful.


    Depending on the type of mobile phone, it may appear that there is no signal even after successful activation. Your data may be working even if it is not displayed properly, so please check again if you are connected to the internet with your Wi-Fi turned off.

    If you are still unable to connect, please contact us using the form below.


    Can I activate the SIM card while connected to a VPN?


    No. To complete the activation you will need to turn off the VPN.

    I lost my ICCID. What do I do?


    Take a photo of the SIM card number and send it to our customer support.

    Do I have to have a wifi connection when doing the settings?


    Settings can be made without being connected to wifi.

    I cannot connect to the internet.


    Wipe off the dust on the SIM card, and insert it to the phone horizontally. Please check the APN/mobile data settings should the issue persists.

    * If you have any difficulties, please restart your phone and go to the app, refer to how to collect the SIM card and do your APN settings from there.

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how to purchase additional data

  • Do I have to enter my credit card information?


    You do not need to enter your credit card information to use a free SIM card. You will be asked to provide your credit card information when you purchase additional data.

    ※You can enter or delete the credit card information on APP.

    Can I add data to the SIM card?


    You can add data to the SIM card from the app. *Please add your credit card on MYPAGE before purchase.

    * Additional Data (tax not included)
    500MB: JPY999
    1GB: JPY1,499
    1.5GB: JPY1,999


  • How do I find out how much data I have left on my SIM card?


    The top of the SIM card page shows how much data is left on your SIM card.
    To add more data, please select "Purchase Mobile Data" and purchase the desired amount.

    When do I have to apply by?


    Since it takes 4 hours to issue a QR code, please apply at least 4 hours before your arrival.

    Which devices does WAmazing work on?


    iPhone5~ (The app does not work on iPhone4s or earlier models)

    Please refer to the link below:

    Can I use the SIM card on a wifi router?


    The SIM card can only be used on smartphones. It cannot be used on a wifi router.

    What are the valid period and use period of the SIM card?


    Valid Period: 60-day period after you collect the SIM card. The SIM card will not be able to be activated after 60 days)
    Use Period: 15-day period after you insert the SIM card. The SIM will card will be disconnected after 15 days (regardless of the remaining data)

    There is no daily usage limit within the given amount of data.

    Will my SIM card be disconnected once 500MB is used?


    Yes, once you have used up the data the SIM card will be disconnected. You can add data to the SIM card on the app within the use period (15 days after you activate the SIM card).

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