about lift ticket (IC card)

  • How will the IC card deposit be returned?


    The deposit will be refunded upon returning the IC card to the automatic ticketing machine or the ticket counter.

    My lift pass (IC card) is not working at the gate.


    The gate may not open if you have the following items with you

    - Cellphone
    - Other IC cards
    - Metal objects (keys, etc.)

    Do I need to show my lift pass (IC card) each time I board?


    You can pass through the gate with your lift pass (IC card) in your pocket. You do not need to show it to staff or take out the IC card to touch the gate.

    The automatic ticketing machine is unable to read the QR code to issue the lift pass (IC card).


    If the automatic ticketing machine cannot be used due to problem with the machine, go to the ticket counter at the ski resort with the correct voucher screen. Check the voucher screen and follow the instructions for the lift ticket to be issued at the counter.

    ▼ If the reservation number (8 digits) is shown below the QR code:
    Take the voucher screen with the QR code and reservation number to the nearest counter. The staff at the counter will assist you.

    ▼ If "Could Not Retrieve Ticket?" appears below the QR code:
    Take the screen with the QR code to the nearest ticket counter and go to "In case of automatic ticketing machine trouble" for ticketing at the ticket counter" at the bottom of the ticketing screen.

    ▼ If there is no reservation number (8 digits) or "Could Not Retrieve Ticket?" appears below the QR code:
    Take the voucher screen with the QR code to the nearest ticket counter. The staff at the counter will assist you.

    The QR code did not generate.


    Depending on the internet connection you use, it may take some time to generate a QR code. If a QR code cannot be generated even with another internet connection, contact WAmazing Customer Support and provide the following information.

    - User ID
    - Which ski resort lift pass you use
    - Type of lift pass (1-day pass, 2-day pass, lift pass with meal ticket, etc.)
    - Date of use (Only if the date of use is specified)

    Can I cancel my lift pass?


    You can cancel your lift pass (IC card) after purchasing it online before a QR code is generated on your smartphone. Please note that you cannot cancel after a QR code has been generated.

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ski lesson

  • How old is considered a child?


    Please check the item page as it depends on the ski resort.

    Are wear and insurance included?


    Wear and insurance are not included. You need to purchase them separately.

    Why was my booking not successful?


    In some cases, the lesson may not be available to reserve because it is full or the deadline for reservation has passed. Please choose another lesson or book a lesson for another date and time.

    I want to change the lesson time/date.


    You cannot change the lesson time/date. You will need to cancel and book the lesson again. (For lessons, please check the deadline for reservations on the item details).

    How do I know if the lesson has successfully been booked?


    After requesting a reservation on the website, you will receive an email response from the resort within 48 hours. Please check your email inbox.

    * Please note that the email may be sent to the spam

    Where is the meeting place?


    After the reservation is confirmed, please tap on the voucher screen at the bottom of the screen (https://www.wamazing.com/snow/me/vouchers) for details on the meeting place.

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  • Can I exchange a ski set for a snowboard set at the ski resort?


    You cannot exchange a ski set for a snowboard set. Please cancel and purchase the item again. (Please note that some requested items cannot be purchased on the day of use.)

about lift ticket

  • What should I do if the voucher is expired?


    Cancellations/refunds cannot be made for expired vouchers. Please check the cancellation policy on the website.

    Early Bird Lift Pass vs. Lift Pass vs. Sightseeing Lift Pass


    ・Early Bird Lift Pass: Cancellations cannot be made. No need to specify the date(s) of use. All ski lifts and gondolas can be used. Unlimited use.
    ・Lift Pass: Cancellations can be made. All ski lifts and gondolas can be used. Unlimited use.
    ・Sightseeing Lift Pass: Cancellations can be made. One round trip. Cannot ski.

    Can I use the gondolas with a Naeba/Kagura/Tashiro multi-resort lift pass?


    Yes. You can use all the ski lifts and gondolas.

    How do I use a meal ticket?


    A meal ticket can be used to pay for a meal at a designated area at the ski resort. No change will be given for the ticket. You will need to pay the difference if you go over the amount covered by the ticket.

    Where do I exchange the voucher for a lift pass?


    Please check the voucher details on MYPAGE for the exchange place.


    Can I use all the lifts and gondolas?


    Please check the page for each ski resort as it depends on the item.

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my page

  • The credit card payment was not successful. What should I do?


    Please make sure that the credit card information entered is correct. If the payment cannot be processed, please contact your credit card company directly or use another credit card.

    * Only Visa or Mastercard can be used.

    When can I get a refund after cancellation? (for credit card payments)


    It depends on the credit card company. Please contact your credit card company directly.

    What is the lowest price guarantee?








    1. 「最低價格保證」僅適用於完全符合下列條件之情形:住宿設施、房間類型、使用人數、退款條件、入住日、退房日、有無早餐等預約內容、服務內容及條件需完全一致。(若本公司提供的付費方案為可退款方案,而比較對照的付費方案為不可退款方案,則不在適用範圍內。若本公司提供的付費方案為不可退款方案,而比較對照的付費方案為可退款方案,則在適用範圍內。)
    2. 「最低價格保證」僅適用於聯絡WAmazing客服人員時可即時以上述條件預約的客房。若該客房因客滿等理由而無法預約,或無法立即確定是否可預約,則不予適用。
    3. 套裝價格、住宿設施+機票等組合預約的折扣價格、在實際購買前無法確定住宿設施之折扣價格,皆不適用於「最低價格保證」。

    4. WAmazing顯示的價格一般包含稅金及服務費。作為比較對象之網站亦以含稅金及服務費的價格為準。

    5. 「最低價格保證」僅適用於已刊登廣告並向大眾公開的價格,或以消費者為對象的日本網站所刊登之價格。例如公司網站限定優惠方案、限量或期間限定等優惠方案、於會員專案網站提供之價格、法人折扣或法人價格,或團體、包租、積分計劃、獎勵、會議、集會、躉售中心或聯程價格,或以拍賣或類似方式獲得之價格,或僅適用於非廣泛提供之優惠券或其他宣傳活動之價格,皆不予適用。您撥打網站上的電話後被告知的價格,以及您所接獲的電子郵件所刊載的價格,皆不視為較低價格。







    What credit cards are accepted?


    Only VISA and Mastercards are accepted.
    Only WAmazing Snow accepts JCB and American Express.

    How do I use the coupon?


    1) Register the coupon code on MYPAGE.
    2) Select the coupon before making a payment.

    How can I use the coupon?


    Eligible items and rules of use may vary from each promotion. Please refer to the promotion page or coupon information for details.

    [Coupon notes]

    The coupon may not be returned if there is a charge for a cancellation fee for an order purchased with the coupon.

    Some coupons have a minimum spending amount. If you have used the minimum spend of the coupon, you cannot cancel your order after the item has been ordered.

    Please note that coupons have an expiration date.

    Please note that no change is given for coupons.

base information

  • Do you need an admission ticket other than a lift pass?


    Most ski resorts do not require an admission ticket.

    Are ski resorts open on Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, and public holidays?


    Yes, ski resorts are normally open on those dates. Please check the official website as it may depend on each ski resort.

    When do the sales start for the next season?


    Schedules will be updated on the email newsletter and the WAmazing Facebook page.

    Why are some items from last year not available?


    Items on sale may change each year. Please check the items for this season for each ski resort.

    Do I need an admission ticket to enter a ski resort?


    Please check the homepage for each ski resort for information.

    Are there any items for non-skiers/snowboarders?


    Sightseeing lift passes, items for snow activities such as sledding or snowmobiling are available aside from regular lift passes. Multilingual lessons are also available.

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